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Area and alternatives maps

Area Map, in JPEG Format

Map of the Area
JPEG Format, 1632 x 1056 pixels, 340KB

Thumbnail to Cook Inlet Watershed map

Cook Inlet Watershed Map
JPEG Format, 54KB

Thumbnail to alternatives map

Graphic Illustrating Alternatives
JPEG Format, 72KB

Travel Time Maps
Thumbnail to travel times wasilla map

Graphic of Travel Times Comparison, Wasilla
GIF Format, 94KB

Thumbnail to travel times houston map

Graphic of Travel Times Comparison, Houston
GIF Format, 94KB

Beluga maps
Map of Critical Beluga Habitat

Map of Critical Beluga Habitat from NOAA
JPEG Format, 700 x 700 pixels, 69KB

Thumbnail to Beluga Use Maps

NOAA Beluga Whale Study Maps
GIF Format, 60KB

Pt. MacKenzie land ownership
Point MacKenzie Land Ownership

Point MacKenzie Land Ownership
PDF Format, 48 x 36 inches, 1.7 MB

Point MacKenzie Land Ownership, smaller jpeg

Point MacKenzie Land Ownership
JPEG Format, 900 x 675 pixels, 212 KB

Point MacKenzie Land Ownership, closeup GIF

Point MacKenzie Land Ownership
GIF Format, 900 x 685 pixels, 60 KB